These guys are the best. Architects, interior designers and galleries use them, and after one experience, you'll know why. Whether your hanging fine art or family photos, they'll send a highly trained artist to your home to help you compose and install your work. They also have a store now in Greenwich, Connecticut, where you can go to be inspired and shop for distinctive frames and installation systems.

To do or not to do?

A wealth of information about sheds and shed construction. A good place to ask questions also.


Some very interesting solutions, particularly for situations where you're trying to maintain a lot of books in a little space.

Do it Yourself

Don't know the difference between a molly bolt and a toggle bolt? These guys provide a wealth of practical information that makes the difference between a frustrating afternoon of misadventures and a satisfying day that ends with a job well done.


Always a strong source for information, inspiration and ideas. Some interesting, decorative shelving solutions.